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Game Fishing off the Rocks or Rocking Game Fish offshore, either way we love it.  Here at Game Fishing Rocks we’re all about catching and releasing world-class fish. Our first obsession is Rock and Surf Game Fishing otherwise known as land based game fishing. Which is without doubt one of sport fishing’s greatest challenges. Whether it’s from the beach or a rocky point there’s an undeniable skill to catching huge fish off the shore. There’s nothing  more exhilarating than tackling a beast from the side. That skill and thrill of landing a fish from the bricks is exactly why it’s become popular worldwide.

Our Fishing Journal

Our stories and articles will keep you drooling until your next fishing trip and the photos are the stuff dreams are made of. Let the imagination run wild till you wet a line again. The articles are not only great reading but may even help you plan your next epic fishing trip.

Game fishing blog
All the stories and tips needed to plan your next fishing trip



The Game Fish Bucket List

See which game fish make our list of top 10  dream catches. They’re the élite of the élite, the fish we consider the pinnacle of sports game fishing. All of which can be targeted off the side and on artificial lure. Decide which one you’re after then let us show you how to target them.

best fish to catch



Amazing Fishing Destinations

Planning an epic fishing trip or just want to learn more about the incredible fishing spots out there. Let us show you the best fishing spots around the world, which are the best charter companies to use and which fish to target.

The best fishing in the world
Discover the best fishing in the world



Fishing Tackle

Want to learn more about what tackle is out there and how it performs click on the link below. We’ll give you a breakdown on what works and what doesn’t.

The best fishing tackle
Find out what tackle you’ll need to land your biggest fish


Photo Gallery

Follow our photo gallery for stunning photos of incredible fish caught around the world. If these photos don’t make you drool nothing will!

Game Fishing Rocks Photo Gallery
Stunning Photos and Incredible Fish






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