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Oman - Home of the Giant Geet

In short once you’ve fished Oman you may never want to fish anywhere else again. Oman is one of those rare places that’s easily accessible yet is still relatively unexplored when it comes to big game fishing. Southern Oman, in particular, has most sensational fishing you’ll experience this side of the sun. Not only is the number and variety of fish stunning but their sheer size is phenomenal.

Targeting Monster GT has made the Oman fishery is famous world wide. The waters around the Al-Hallaniyah Islands in Southern Oman are possibly the best spot on the globe to catch a 50kg plus Geet, with beasts tipping the scales at 70kgs.

Beast Geet catch in Oman
Only in Oman are fish this size considered average.

Fishing Charters

There’re a few charter companies operating in Oman these days, two of which are more established than the rest. Noboundries and Ocean Active have been around for 5 or 6 years and if your intention is targeting the monster Omani Geets then they’re the two worth considering. The other are charters are Reel Therapy and Arabian Fly Sports Fishing. Reel Therapy is an outfit the operates out of Muscat and targets yellow fin tuna on surface lures and Arabian Fly targets permit and other species on fly.

Light tackle Oman
There’s a huge variety of fish to target
Dorado or Mahi Mahi caught in Oman
Light Tackle inshore fishing in Oman is also fantastic


Noboundaries Oman

Noboundaries is a fishing lodge based in Ash Shuwaymiyyah, a small fishing village on the  Southern Oman coast.

They’re a professional outfit with 3 beautiful open deck boats and experienced, helpful captains. The setup is perfect for target the prehistoric GTs on lure. The boats are big enough to fish 3 comfortably, 4 if the guys are experienced anglers.These boys fish the area every day and know what they doing. They’ll take you to where the fish are feeding and will tell you which lures are working.

The accommodation is adequate and comfortable enough but no 5-star lodge to be sure. The lodge is made for fisherman and more than sufficient for that purpose but don’t entertain any ideas of bringing the family along for holiday while you’re out fishing. There’s not much to do or see in the town beside chase fish.

They launch at 6am every morning from a small harbor 10kms down the coast. From there you’ll head 50kms out to the Hallaniyat islands for monster Giant Trevally, Amber Jack, Tuna, Billfish and others. Otherwise you can choose to head up the coast to fish inshore along the cliffs and ledges the form part of this incredible coastline. Inshore there’s amazing light tackle fishing targeting a huge variety of species such as Queen fish, various Trevally, Blue fish, Bream, Snapper etc.

Check out their website or facebook page for more details and photos of some amazing fish.

Ocean Active

This is a fishing company that provides fishing charters, trips and owns tackle shop. Operating out of Dubai, they have been doing charter trips in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and the Indian Ocean Islands for the last ten years. They offer guided and hosted trips to a number of destinations including Oman to target Giant Trevally. Ocean Active takes care of all the arrangements and logistics for the trip and guides while out fishing.

Ocean Active has also set up a specialised fishing shop in the Dubai Garden Center offering a wide range of fishing products including popping, jigging, spinning, fly-fishing and offshore fishing products.

A Skilled Obsession