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About us

What we’re About

Fishing is all about having a good time with your mates, catching a few fish and making memories along the way. In South Africa we have saying ‘maak braai hout vir die ou dae’ which roughly translated says ‘Make fire wood for your old days’ meaning the stories you make today are what keeps the fire burning later in life.

This website is a collection of the fire wood I’ve collected over the years.

The Fishing Obsession

Fishing isn’t just an obsession its a way of life. It’s something only a true fishermen will understand. Fishing isn’t just about catching fish, its way more than that. Rather it’s the life style that goes along with it. It’s the excitement of planning a trip, the sense of adventure travelling to unexplored destinations and the friendships that are made along the way. The guile and calculation that goes into puzzling out how to entice a fish to bite. The absolute adrenalin rush that surges through your veins as a fish explodes behind your lure. But above all that and most importantly it’s about the love for the ocean that develops deep inside of you.


At the forefront of everything we do as anglers  is the projection and conservation of the ocean and the creatures within it. These days ocean is under immense pressure from pollution and over fishing. It’s our responsibility as anglers to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. This includes everything from cleaning up after ourselves to practicing catch and release and educating those around us.

Sharing Knowledge

I started this website to hopefully pass on a little of the passion I have for fishing while also sharing photos the stories from my time spent on the water. In addition it provides a platform to share lessons and techniques learnt over the years of fishing. 

The stories and photo’s posted on here will center mostly around artificial lure fishing for apex game fish but will include a little of everything. Hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.

Tight lines… then release!



A Skilled Obsession