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You battling to decide what type of spinning rod will suit you best. Here’s a breakdown that’ll shown you what strength rod to go for and a few examples of rods we use and love. 

Fishing Reels

Shimano dominates the world of top class spinning reels these days. In our opinion if you thinking a buying a new spinning reel then look no further than Shimano. The only decision is which one you can afford and what size reel will suit you best.



These days the number of different lures out number stars in the sky. Check here to help narrow your choice down to a manageable selection of lures that are tried and tested.


GT Fishing Tackle & Equipment List

Download a complete list of all the tackle and equipment you’ll need for a fishing trip of a life time. We compiled a comprehensive list to help you prepare for a cross board GT or Tuna fishing trip.

Download —> Complete GT Fishing Tackle & Equipment List

GT Fishing Tackle

GT Fishing Tackle List

List of GT Fishing Tackle
If you pack everything listed on here you won’t go far wrong catching GT


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