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Fishing in Bangkok


When thinking of Bangkok wild parties, cheap street food and chaotic city life are the first things that jump to mind. For the most part that’s pretty close to the truth but if you’re like me and no holiday’s complete without wetting a line there are options. 

Saltwater is out, for one Bangkok isn’t on the coast but even if it was the seas around Thailand have been destroyed by over fishing. Fresh water on the other hand provides a few interesting options in Thailand. After all Thailand is the home of the Mekong Giant Catfish, the largest freshwater fish on the planet! 

Mekong Giant Catfish grow to monstrous sizes
On the outskirts of Bangkok there’re a few fresh water fishing ponds which give you the opportunity to catch river monsters. These ponds are essentially fish farms and it’s a bit like shooting fish in barrel but it is a good day out. 

Where to fish

Of the many ponds around Bangkok the new Bungsamram fishing park is the best and most popular. The new park opened on the 31st March 2017. It’s a little further out of town and the dam is larger but it’s the same owner and staff as the old park. They’ve moved the majority of the fish from the old park too but have added a few new species. They state there’s now 40 different species in the dam, the largest of these are:

  • Mekong Giant Catfish up to 200kgs,
  • Siamese Carp up to 160kgs,
  • Arapaima, 
  • Chao Phraya Catfish, 
  • Alligator Gar, 
  • Barramundi, 
  • Red Tail Catfish
  • And many more!

We spent a morning at Bungsamram. Had great fun catching 7 Mekong Giant Catfish


At Bungsamram you can hire a guide and all the tackle you need. There thousands of fish and you can catch plenty fish in a day but they’re very particular in how they feed. So if it’s your first time fishing these dams then a guide is definitely the way to go. 

If taking your own tackle then the minimum would be a 40lb setup. Generally though, 60lb-80lb or PE6 – PE8 is optimum. The heavy tackle is to pull the fish away from the columns that support the pier and bungalows. You may need to apply considerable force to persuade fish away from these underwater hazards.

Fishing Parks around the rest of Thailand 

There’re stacks of fishing parks all around Thailand so wherever you are check the area for the local fishing park. The website below will give you a good start on where to look.

Even Lucy got in on the action catching a couple fish.

Shark Fishing in St. Lucia

The Shark Fishing was Wild

A few years ago Jeff and I spent a weekend shark fishing the beaches of St. Lucia on the KZN north coast. It turned into a weekend to remember.

As the sun began to rise Saturday morning we were already sliding our first baits into a sea that was too flat, calm and way to clean for us to expect to catch anything. We were just happy being on the beach with a rod in hand, the conditions were ay to perfect to catch any fish. To our surprise and excitement Jeff had the first bump of the day before his slide even reached his sinker. Knock, knock and away he went into a tug of war the lasted nearly 2hrs before being burnt off on the back sandbank.

After that first pull the flood gates opened. Every bait we put in the water got pulled flat often within minutes. The first fish I landed was a lovely 189kg Raggie. After a quick photo it was safely returned to the water.

First fish of the weekend, a 189kg Raggie.

For the rest of the morning we got pressed by monster fish. With each fish we’d be locked into a 2 hour-long battle before finally being burnt off.The dropping tide exposed the bank more and more to the point were we couldn’t pull these monster fish over it without the line wearing through on the sand. Come lunchtime the tide had gone out fully and fish with it so we hadn’t back to camp for a bite to eat and to reassess our tactics for the evening session.

Raggie of 195kgs taken at night

With heavier leader and longer traces we marched back to the beach just before sunset. As the sun went down the Raggies moved back in and we were in for some fun. After a few lost fish both Jeff and I landed ones of 193kgs and 195kgs respectively.

After a good evening session we headed back for a good dinner and a few hours of much need rest. Our bodies were burning after a long day of being dragged up and down the beach.

Sunrise the next morning were back ready for round two. Our excitement almost palpable as we imagined the shoals of raggies swimming just behind shore break.  We weren’t let down in the slightest right from the word go the raggies were feeding even more so than the day before.  We were wading into the water chest deep to get the baits to slide out faster and before we could even make it back to the beach we were getting pulled flat. It was the stuff dreams are made of. I landed two more raggies that Sunday morning the first 195kgs and the second a real monster of 223kgs. Still my biggest fish of the side to date.

Team photo of the first Raggie on day 2 - 195kgs


A really monster 223kgs Raggie.