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Allistair Wilson - Founder and Author

Authors - Allistair with a huge GT caught in Oman

Allistair Wilson - I’ve spent my life chasing fish around the planet. Growing up I spent my days rock and surf fishing along the Transkei and KZN coast of South Africa. Since then I’ve lived on three continents and fished another two. With 40 countries under the belt I’ve travelled and fished the world targeting various species, both fresh and salt water. I’ve given just about every technique of fishing out there a bash and have the rods to prove it but there’s special attraction to catching big game fish on artificial lures. It takes fishing to an art form. From the tackle and lures to the hours spent understanding how fish think and hunt. All combining to an adrenalin rush that’s impossible to ignore. 

This website I started as a way to pass on my passion for the ocean by sharing fishing photos,  stories and passing on tips that I’ve learnt over the years. I hope you enjoy the content and if it helps you catch a fish even better.

Get in touch if you have any fishing related queries. If you want any advice on which fishing charters or tackle or even if you just have a great story you’d like to share let me know.

A Skilled Obsession