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Fishing Africa

Fishing in Africa is as huge and varied as the continent itself. The fishing around Africa can be broken into the following categories;

Africa - Tropical east coast 

Fishing wise this area comprises of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique. All three have a beautiful tropical coastline with white sandy beaches interspersed with islands and coral reef and atolls. There are some incredible almost untouched fisheries but there are also large areas that are decimated by local net fishing and international fishing trawlers fishing illegally along the coast.


Beauty beach in Kenya
Diani-Beach Kenya


Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania


Barra Beach, Mozambique

Africa - Indian Ocean islands & Atolls

Blessed some of the top island fishing destinations in the world. There are atolls that rise from thousands of meters below bringing some giants of the ocean to within casting range of pristine, unspoilt reefs. There are many islands off our east coast but the best fishing would have to be the following.


Africa Seycehlles
GT in the shallows of Seychelles


Reefs around Madagascar

 Bassa da India

Bassa Da India Atoll rises from the ocean

 Africa - West Coast

The west coast exceptional surf fishing. Gabon and Angola have arguably the best surf fishing on the planet. Check out the links below, they speak for themselves.


Surf Fishing Gabon


Flamingo Lodge Angola



Namibian Coastline known as the skeleton coast stretches unbroken for thousands of kilometers

Africa - Red Sea

For many years the Red Sea has been one of the top dive sites worldwide but fishing wise it is relatively unexplored. In recent years the Nubian flats of Sudan is proving to be an untapped gold mine with some incredible fish being caught. Djibouti also hold huge potential but as yet is almost totally unexplored when it comes to fishing.  Check out the links for fishing that’ll make you drool.


Nubian Flats have some incredible fishing


Arial photo of Djibouti Coastline

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  1. Hi guys. I go to Cape Town every winter between mid- dec to mid-feb. I was wondering if you fish here at all?

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