In the beginning….

This is the first of what will hopefully be many articles to be written on here.

It started off as a challenge, as challenge just to see if I could built a website but very soon became an obsession. An obsession to provide as much fishing information as possible. When it came to initially developing the website the first obstacle I faced was deciding exactly what the website should be about but that became about as difficult as deciding which is my favourite type of fishing…. obviously chasing monster GT with poppers and jigging doggies out of the depth is the stuff dreams are made of but, like every true fisherman knows, there’s also a certain beauty about casting a dropshot or fly around the rocks to get the species count up…. I digress, back to the story at hand, after many hours of thought which usually ended with me day dreaming about where my next fishing adventure should be I decided that that’s exactly what this website should be about.

I’m sure most of you were like me when I first started dreaming of travelling to the far reaches of the planet to catch that fish of a lifetime…I did mountains of research on where are the best spots, when’s the best time of year and what tackle/lures do we need!?! I find that many of these high end fishing charters are excellent…. once you’ve been there and have that first hand experience to know what to expect. I find so many of these guys have great outfits and brilliant fisheries but they expect everyone to know the conditions and to know which lures work best without them actually telling you before hand. I think very often its a case of not remembering that these trips are often once in a lifetime trips for many people and they forget that not everyone has fished for 50kg+ GT or 80kg Doggies or sailies on fly… or whatever the case may be.

hence, my mission has become to create a website that takes the legwork out of searching endlessly for that once in a lifetime fishing experience. The aim is to provide all the information you need in one place, we’ll give you a breakdown on what tackle you need to target each species, where is the world the best spots are for the species you after and more importantly which are the best charter companies to use in each area.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed this is going to be a monster task and I’ll be needing all the help I can get, I’m roping mates and professionals alike all to chip in with there two cents worth from their own experiences around the globe and if you have something you’d like to contribute or even if you just want to ask a question give us a shout, it’d be great to hear from you guys and girls out.